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  This site is dedicated to individuals, 50 plus years young, interested in finding ways to stay active and fit. 

At this site you will find a variety of information, including: calendars of upcoming events, stories about seniors and sports, hints on health, activities, sports, and much more.


  Current News!!!!

Horseshoe Clinic
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The NM Senior Sports Foundation will be hosting a horseshoe clinic on March 22 at Mariposa Park in Taylor Ranch.  This is the perfect opportunity to learn about this sport from qualified instructors, enjoy a few hours outdoors, and maybe even get the urge to compete in this Senior Olympic event.

Don't be a couch potato--Get Up and Go!  Try horseshoes on for size and see if the shoes fit! Hurry--classes are limited!

Canyon Nets

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The Canyon Nets senior women's basketball teams medal at the 2014 Arizona Senior Olympics and qualify for the National Senior Games in Minneapolis, MN in 2015.  The 50-54 age division took silver; the 60-64 age division took bronze; and the 65-69 captured the gold.  Congratulations to all team members and their coaches.

Silver Gloves
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The Silver Gloves-Jazz senior women's softball team also competed  at the Arizona Senior Olympics in the 60-64 age division.  Results pending.  

Achievement Awards
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Hurry, deadline is September 1st!

This award is meant to honor senior athletes for a lifetime of distinguished participation in senior sporting activities.  Volunteering for, competing in, and promoting senior sporting events and programs are some of the ways for seniors to serve the senior community and to distinguish themselves.  This award is offered and financed by the NM Senior Sports Foundation.

Senior Sports Grants

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The Senior Sports Foundation awards grants to organizations and groups who serve the State of New Mexico and whose purpose and continuing work is in the area of health and fitness through sports. 

Applications are due August 15th and Awards are announced on October 1st of each year.

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